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Hello everyone! Im super excited to go through this journey with everyone. I am a freelance writer and full time mother. I share my experiences in life, and I also offer writing services. Communication is key so feel free to reach out! 

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Trying to survive

I think almost all moms can say, "I am just trying to survive". I don't know about you, I would be technically labeled as a "Middle Class" citizen. Honestly I can not be mad about it, if I get mad I will just dwell on the fact that I wasn't born into wealth, then I will go on a whole rant in my head about how much I wish I was set up for success. When I was a kid I had so many plans for myself, I wanted to become a professional everything, now that I am grow I can not think of one for sure career that I want to have. I can think of maybe ten things I would maybe like to do, I do not feel like that is an option for me considering I am a mother of two. Now I know that I can do whatever God allows me to do, but I am just sitting. I am at a point in my life I feel like Im not doing anything, but I am also doing a whole lot. Being a mom is a full time job yet I still harp on myself to do more with my life. That is why I decided to set this blog up, I want to build a community of moms that share the same struggles as me. I hope you enjoy joining along this journey with me. Stay tuned because more relatable content is coming. Happy, sad, funny, and just life, will all be shared.

Stay strong moms, much love ✨

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